mez - Singer/Songwriter/Recording Producer 

Residing in the greater Boston area, mez is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter writing and producing songs and music cues in his studio for placement in film, television, radio ads, and games. Specializing in lead and background vocals, rhythm and lead guitars, keys, bass and drum sequencing, mez also works with artists, lyricists, and songwriters to help them fully realize their songs.

Song Placements

Artist Placements

Warner Bros. 
Orion Pictures
The Learning Channel 
The Style Network
E! Entertainment
Ripe Fruit Films
Diversa Films
Phoenix Horizons Records
Zone 5 Pictures
Zone Communication Group
Awesome Hero, Inc.
Deeper Thought LTD
Fueled Creative
Led Belly Productions
Childseye Studio
HARDI International A/S
Buller Ski Lifts
good clean fun llc
Meridian Designs Freelance Group
  • "It's Your Love" just release by Paige Mesropian. Available on iTunesAmazon .
  • "WIll Not Stand For More" released by Paige Mesropian in 2016. Produced by musicmez. Available on  iTunes Amazon , and  Spotify
  • At only 11 years old, Paige Mesropian secures a publishing deal with her powerful debut song, "As Strong As I Can Be" now available on  iTunes,   Amazon , and  Spotify
  • Millions of Minecraft YouTube hits can't be wrong!  Diamond Sword Little Square Face Destiny(Little Square Face Part 2),   Fighter ,  I'll Be There,   Back To Hack , Fighting Demons vocals by mez.
  • The Dead Inklings  debut album is now available on iTunes, featuring songs written by Dan Draney and arranged, produced, and performed by mez.
  • miKaela  wins 'Best Female Artist' at the 2011 GO Malta Music Awards. Awarded as Malta's Export Artist at the Malta Music Awards 2011. Vodafone Upcoming Artist 2011. 'Best New Artist' at the 2010 Malta Music Awards . She had recorded 4 songs written by mez - "Hear Me Out", "Fall Apart", "Away She Goes", and "Condescending" at Temple Studios.. 
  • Billy Shake's  new CD "Crashing Down" available on  Google Play  was co-written, produced, and all instrumentation performed by mez.
  • Those Among Us  and  BSM  features lead vocals by mez now available on  iTunes  and RockBand XBox 360 . 
  • Carl Eichman releases Temporal Affairs by Hidden Symmetry on  CDBaby  featuring mez's vocals on 6 of the 10 tracks - Dreaming This Way, Ordinary Day, There Before, Line On You, Your Situation, and End Of The Story.
  • Peace, Hate, Love  collaborates with mez on various songs which also feature mez on vocals. 
  • Big Wolf Papa's release,  Wasteland Days  features guitar work, drums, and production from mez. 
  • Zoe Myers co-writes and records "Let's Make Them Gossip"  available on  iTunes
  • Toby Madigan records  "Color Me Out Of The Blue"  for his debut album, “Left Brain/Right Brain”.
  • Renata Wanderly records "Like Me" and "Rewind" at Studio Bopnique.
ZS Associates 
EMR Graphics LLC
Garage Production
Perry Digital Media
Double Midnight Productions
Lynn Jacobs, Christian Life Coach
Baptist Bible College & Seminary
Silverdale Baptist Church
Five Angels Productions
AC Incorporated
Love Your Website
Invention Pictures, Inc. 
The Slideshow Company
Option Six, Inc 
Non-Fiction Productions, LLC.
Studio Téléphone
Boja Consulting.Ltd
Charisma on Camera
Sound Deployment, LLC
Video4Web Productions


" I Thought I Knew You" "Disco Ball"  and  "Falling Apart"  featuring vocals by mez available on Rock Band XBox 360.